COLLECTION #12129 UXL Comic Collection 5

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Comic Collection 5 with 10 different motives from our comic t-shirt designs. This collection can be used as extended licence UXL - this mean you can offer this in your onlineshop and for reselling products.

Comic Kollektion 1 mit 10 verschiedenen Motiven aus unseren Comic-T-Shirt Designs. Diese Sammlung kann als erweiterte Lizenz UXL verwendet werden - dies bedeutet, dass Sie dies in Ihrem Onlineshop und für den Weiterverkauf von Produkten anbieten können.
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Categories: Collections, Comics
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Most frequently asked questions at buying a item

Most frequently asked questions at buying a item
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Can i buy this designs as single downloads also?
Yes. Click here T-Shirt Prints and search for this designs.
Can i use this collection for my own product line?
Yes! This collection we offer as extended license and you can use it for produce resale products.
What is a extended license?
EXL and UXL are for derivative products intended for resale (postcards, posters, t-shirts, templates...)
To produce derivate products you need extended license UXL.


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